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Livepeer Video Builders
Retro-Active Grant Funding

Empowering Builders - Nurturing Innovation

Who We Are:

At Livepeer Innovators DAO, we are passionate about supporting innovators who are pushing the boundaries of video infrastructure and decentralized technology.

Our mission is to provide retro-active grant funding for projects that have built tools in the Livepeer ecosystem.

What We Do:

We believe that collaboration and creativity are the driving forces behind progress.

That is why we provide grants to projects that enhance the Livepeer ecosystem, whether through improved performance, user-friendly interfaces, innovative use cases, or other exciting advancements.

Our goal is to empower builders like you to bring your ideas to life and contribute to the growth of Livepeer.

How it works:

We reward individuals and teams who have built video applications and tools that benefit the Livepeer ecosystem.
Apply if you have built ANYTHING on top of Livepeer!


We are inviting visionary builders like you to join us in pioneering the next era of video provenance.

We fund projects that are:

– Open source or closed source
– On any chain or no chain
– For public use or private use


Any project that could directly or indirectly increase traffic to the Livepeer network is eligible.

Examples include:
– Social apps
– Video infrastructure services
– Developer Tooling
– Packages and Plugins
– Tutorials
– Analytics tools


1) Submit an application for retroactive funding
2) The application information will be reviewed and verified
3) A vote will determine how much the project will be awarded
4) Recipients will be awarded LPT in the following round


When determining the value of the project we look at some of the following questions:

– Does the project promote Livepeer?
– Does the project drive demand to the network?
– Does the project achieve something unique?

Ready to take the reins?

Let’s build together, make history, and make video infrastructure decentralized, transparent, and accessible to all!

Fair Funding

The Livepeer Innovators DAO is responsible for curating and finding projects worthy of recognition.

We use funds directly from the Livepeer Treasury where all LPT holders have a say on who gets funding!

By rewarding projects built on Livepeer, they receieve ownership in the network and contribute to governance of the ecosystem.


Get Involved

Whether you are a developer, designer, entrepreneur, or simply someone excited about the possibilities of decentralized video, there is a place for you in the Livepeer Ecosystem.
Join us in shaping the future of video infrastructure!

Retro-Active Grants

We believe in recognizing the hard work of builders who have already contributed. That is why we offer retro-active grants for projects that align with our mission and have a proven impact on the Livepeer ecosystem.

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We are not just a funding source; we are funding a community of like-minded individuals, passionate about decentralization and video technology. Join our vibrant community to collaborate, share knowledge, and make lasting connections.

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Ecosystem Growth

We are committed to the long-term growth of Livepeer. By funding projects that enhance the Livepeer platform, we contribute to its sustainability and create more opportunities for developers, content creators, and users.

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